Gabor Next Gen Collection

Busy lives, jam-packed days. We hear you! When your hectic schedule has you asking what's next — make it a Gabor Next Gen wig and you'lll be out the door and on your way... looking great.

Next Collection

Stylista Gabor Stylista Stylista
Nobility Gabor Nobility Nobility
Becoming Gabor Becoming Becoming
Triumph Gabor Triumph Triumph
Casual Chic Casual Chic Casual Chic
Refined Gabor Refined Refined
Dash Gabor Dash Dash
Distinction Gabor Distinction Wig Distinction
Imagine Imagine Imagine
Appeal Gabor Appeal wig Appeal
Belle Gabor Belle Belle
Flirt Gabor Flirt Flirt
Devotion Gabor Devotion Devotion
Sprite Gabor Sprite Sprite
Flutter Gabor Flutter Flutter
Zest Gabor Zest Zest
Folly Folly Folly
Innuendo Innuendo Innuendo
Gala Gala Gala
Cheer Cheer Cheer
Perk Gabor Perk Perk
Carefree Carefree Carefree
Renew Gabor Renew Renew
Commitment Commitment Commitment
Gaiety Gabor Gaiety Gaiety
Sensation Gabor Sensation Sensation
Aspire Aspire Aspire
Instinct Instinct Instinct
Conviction Conviction Conviction
Acclaim Gabor Acclaim Acclaim
Horizon Horizon Horizon
Resolve Gabor Resolve Resolve
Fortune Fortune Fortune